Requirements Gathering

We'll start by initiating a meeting with you to gather your requirements of your "wishlist" for the project. This is important, in order for us to come up with good estimates (cost and timeline) and to determine your expectations.

  • Nature and complexity of project
  • Target schedule of delivery
  • Time or resources you can devote
  • Technical capacity and limitations
Things we need from you
Content Management Access
Website's Source Code and Database
Access to Web Host and Sandbox Environment
Website Assessment
We we will have a full assessment of your website. We'll have to review your website's sitemap so we can determine the number of pages and be able to check each different type of layout.
Things we need from you
Website URL
Website Framework
Content Management System
* There may be more requirements for a more complex development requirement.
Proposal Submission
  • Summary of requirements
  • Scope of work / services
  • Cost estimate
  • Schedule of delivery
  • Payment terms

Terms are usually done in a staggered manner and we require an initial payment as a form of security deposit.

Development / Maintenance Project
We normally ask high-level access to a sandbox environment for testing. But if it's not available, we usually set up one of our clients. We also hook up the source code into a code repository for better management and documentation.