How did targeted campaign help brands reach its marketing success?

It is not obscure that the Internet is a powerful tool for the marketing industry. But, how can we ensure that our target audience are paying enough attention to the contents you are serving them? We can learn from successful companies like Coca-cola, Pepsi, and Kotex on how targeted campaign helped them reach their marketing success.

Before we engage into the project, the client must be ready to assign a project manager who can continuously monitor, review, make fast decisions, and provide us some needed information during the whole design and development process. The project manager plays a crucial role in achieving the desired results on time.

Like any other project, we get started by compiling all the available resources which include but not limited to:

Short brief about your company, product, campaign, target audience, goals and initiatives.
Some guidelines, objectives, preferences, or pegs.
Access to your digital platform (social media, blog website, etc...)